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Simple Homemade Salsa

Makes about 12 oz.

Bought too many tomatoes? This is one of my favorite ways to use up tomatoes before they go bad. It’s simple, easy, and makes a great snack or sauce to pair with your meals!

The magic in salsa is in the peppers and the spices. This recipe is fairly simple, but feel free to experiment with different spices like chipotle powder, chili powder, chili flakes, curry powder, and more – and don’t be afraid to try other types of peppers if you want to mix up the spice levels! You can even try adding bell peppers to sweeten it up a little bit.

  • 4-5 medium-sized tomatoes of choice (I like heirlooms)
  • 4-5 Anaheim peppers
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • 1 tbsp cumin
  • Optional: add 1-2 jalapeño peppers to make more spicy
  • Salt to taste
  1. De-seed the Anaheim peppers (if you want your salsa to be spicier, leave then in)
  2. Blister the tomatoes and the peppers by either roasting them in a pan or broiling them in the oven.
  3. Put the tomatoes and peppers in a blender with the garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and cumin, and blend until it is at the desired consistency.
  4. Store in a jar or in an air-tight container.



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